Online Report of The Hakuho Maru Cruise KH-08-3 Leg 2

Observations of deep-water circulation, turbulence, mode waters

– Physical, chemical, biological processes –

Cruise Period
9 October 2008 - 7 November 2008
Port of Departure
Shiogama, Japan
Port of Return
Tokyo, Japan
Objectives and Brief Narrative of Cruise
The aims of the cruise are to study (1) the variability of the deep ocean circulation flow (current meter and CTD mooring), (2) the distribution of the deep water mass in the western North Pacific (CTD with water sampling and lowered ADCP), (3) the transport and diffusion of artificially-released helium (CTD with water sampling, and shipboard and lowered ADCP), (4) the advection and dissipation processes of the subtropical mode water (CTD with water sampling, lowered ADCP, shipboard ADCP, and XCTD), (5) the physical/chemical/biological processes of the system of the subtropical mode water and seasonal pycnocline (CTD with water sampling, XCTD, and fast repetition rate fluorometer), (6) estimating vertical turbulent diffusivity with observing density ratio and energy dissipation ratio (CTD with water sampling, XCTD, and turbulence-microstructure acquisition profiler), and (7) the ocean variabillity to the east of Japan with ARGO floats.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Scientists Aboard
  2. Track Charts
  3. Summary of Observation stations
  4. Mooring Systems

This on-line cruise report was prepared by D.Yanagimoto.