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Assistant Professor, Ocean Circulation Group, Department of Physical Oceanography, Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute


Mar. 6, 2018
In 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, I presented a poster titled as: Yanagimoto, D., Miyamoto, M., Oka, E., Nakano, T., Tshujino, H., Takatsuki, Y. (2018), Deep Current Structure at the Main Gap of the Emperor Seamount Chain, Abstract PL44B-1880 presented at 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting, Portland, OR, 12-16 Feb. [Poster PDF]

My research interests

My research interest is in deep ocean currents such as the deep circulation flow originating from the southern ocean. I participate deep current observations and analyse current meter data. I am also interested in mid-depth float observations which was my theme in graduate course.

Affiliated academic society

The Oceanographic Society of Japan
Société franco-japonaise d'océanographie
American Geophysical Union

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